Rediculousness, utter rediculousness!

24 09 2007

I’ve been on a sewing frenzy.  Sewed and dyed up the 8 point skirt, made a muslin for Glitter Glue Princess’ Minnie Mouse top, and redrafted it with more ease in the bust (she keeps growing on me – I really do need a shrinking machine!), and nearly finished S’s purple pirate shirt.

That shirt is what this post really is about.  I used Simplicity 3758 to make it up, and realized why I hate sewing from a pattern – OY!  First off, the shirt is not designed for lightweight cloth, yet to get all the drape they show in the photo, you need to use a very light cotton to achieve it – I used standard quilting cotton and it just looks heavy.  Second – the neckline is drafted for a woman – it is MUCH too small for a man.  The neck rides up on S so high that the collar appears to be pulling back.  There are supposed to be eyelets in the front but he won’t need them. Lastly, whoever decided that the sleeves should be 40 inches wide in circumference (I kid you not!) should be shot!  The only way to make all that gathering look anywhere near professional is to use my handy Pullen Pleater I got off ebay!  The cuff is too small to fit a man as well.  I really don’t know what the designer was thinking on this one, but this is total insanity.

I’m going to finish it the best I can and use it for this party, but I will be drafting my own if I have time.

Today I shall hopefully get this one done and then finish off the kiddo’s shirt as my next project.



One response

2 10 2007

Wow, I bet the shirt will look great when it’s done. But sleeves that wide? Sounds a little cumbersome to me…not only in the sewing machine, but on the person wearing it. And wow…the fabric must have cost a fortune just for those sleeves, LOL!
BTW, I hopped over here from Sewing Mamas. I love the picture of your daughter at the sewing machine…which happens to be the same one I have! She sounds like a great kid, one who already knows her own mind despite her young age!

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