So here’s what I’ve come up with for the pirate thing.

13 09 2007

I’m giving up on the hillbilly aspect, except MAYBE if S can find some cowboy boots.

I’m making S a pirate shirt out of a lovely piece of dark purple cotton. To that we will add a green/purple died sash. The pants are his problem. 🙂

I’ve decided to make myself an 8 point handkerchief skirt (2-4 point skirts overlayed together, with one layer dyed green/purple and the other layer black – this will look a little more unkempt and more “pirate-y”. Then I’ll do a standard renaissance fair chemise/bodice with it. Maybe I’ll find some cowboy boots too, but it’s doubtful.

I’ve got a good amount of dying to do this weekend before it gets cold – it will probably be the last one of the season. Boo-hoo.

Thus far, I’ve got the sash and headband sewn (a certain child thought that her pirate dad needed a headband to be truly “pirate-y”).  But, I’m out of cotton thread before I sew together the skirt layer, so that is for another night.

Got Glitter Glue Princess to sit down with me last night and we designed her top for Halloween. Came out a bit different than the picture she desired in my last post. NOW, she wants a sweetheart neckline, and no ruffle. This hopefully explains WHY I have to have her order in so early for costumes, yes? Imagine this in red/white dots:




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