If you had to dress as a hillbilly pirate, what would you wear???

7 09 2007

No seriously, I’m asking this question…

S and I are going to a concert next month for Gandalf Murphy and the Slambovian Circus of Dreams in Jim Thorpe, PA, and it is a hillbilly pirate ball. Yes, you read that correctly, and apparently hillbillies and pirates can comingle peacefully and not kill one another…

So, now I have to design S and me some costumes… Hmmm. I asked the same question on my sewing mamas group, and someone suggested Hee Haw meets the Pirates of the Caribbean. Um, good, at least I’m pointed in the right direction now. It needs to involve gingham and pirates, maybe a john deere hat for DH, cowboy boots for all. Har-har-har…

Fortunately for me, Glitter Glue Princess has decided to reuse her Minnie Mouse skirt for her halloween costume, so all I have to make for her is a matching shirt. (At this house, all halloween orders must be submitted by September 1 for timely completion, as only mom made will do…-click the links for a running halloween costume history)

This is the skirt she’ll use, but she wants a shirt like Minnie’s. We’ve already got the ears and gloves…

Oh, and she also wants sparkly shoes of either yellow or red to go with…. Size 4 please. Of course, her feet are 1 size too large for the minnie shoes at disney store – bummer!




2 responses

7 09 2007

We’ve been debating the same thing over here. They only thing I’ve come up with so far is a pirates jacket made out of flannel and a jolly roger tiara. What I actually make is yet to be decided. 🙂

22 10 2007

Let’s see, S is the one on the left, right???

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