The Laptop Lunch needed a bag..

5 09 2007

A bunch of us mamas of Sewing Mamas went together and did a group buy on Laptop Lunches via our web forum. We got a couple of them which was great but then the question arose on how to keep the food cold in the thing… So, I came up with this – Presenting the bento box carrier…

The pattern is self drafted.  I used it today for my fit&fresh bento, so the size worked out to be pretty versatile. The fabric is quilted on a light bat, then a core of insul-bright holds the cold in. The only thing I didn’t get done was handles, but I’ve yet to decide the best treatment at this point.

DD decided that the box held too much food for her to finish in the 15 minute allotment for lunch at school, so I guess I get it by default! Yay!



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9 02 2008

We’re looking at getting a Laptop Lunch. How is your bag working? I’m trying to pursuade my 11-year-old son that this is a cool lunch system. ha!

18 12 2008

The sleeve looks great. I think I’ll make one for when I travel, otherwise I don’t need one. This looks like a great project for my collection of fat quarters. 🙂

I must say though 15 minutes for lunch is outrageous. Sounds like just enough time to scarf down a cookie and a soda. A sandwich, apple and yogurt would take longer to eat, but the students would come back to class recharged. 😦

10 08 2009
kathy dold

I love your bento box carrier. I was wondering if you sold them, because I can’t find any cute ones like this anywhere. I am going to purchase two bento boxes for my 2 girls for school this year.
Thank you,

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