Some me time in the Fabric Gallery

30 06 2007

With everyone gone, I went on a quest for new towels – ours are decrepit and need full replacement, not just one or two but ALL of them need replacing. So, I took a little jaunt to Ikea. The ones I liked had no washclothes, and there were only white ones that would work with my spray dyed green shower curtain. So I left with things that were not the intended point of driving all that way (that happens whenever you get within 10 miles of the place – random things come swishing up to you and insist you purchase them, like a 30 foot roll of drawing paper).

Totally bummed, I decided to stop in Williamston at Fabric Gallery on my way home for a little midway break in the drive. This is what insisted be taken home:

A very lovely piece of Echino Chinese twill (it says duck, but I don’t think it is heavy enough to be duck). The ladybug repeats every foot or so. Forgive the grainy pics from my cell phone, as my camera is in another state right now… The green next to it in the first pic is a piece of binodal rayon with a crossweave of black against bright green.

This more than makes up for the towel situation. Now off to Kohl’s to see if any are on sale…




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