So many plans, but a necessary project first.

25 06 2007

So, I made these grandiose plans for sleeveless shirts and skirts.  Got the new Amy Butler Barcelona Skirt and a lovely piece from her charm collection with paisleys.  But…  that is all on hold for now…

Saturday night our neighbor, L. asked if I could make Miss Kate a rash shirt like the Glitter Glue Princess’s.  Her little shoulders are getting fried from the summer.  Of course, who am I to turn down someone who I know appreciates my sewing – if I don’t start now, the summer will be over before I get to it.  We have all the fabric ready to go, deep blue and sky blue lycra.   I took her measurements and looked at the charts.  She is pretty much the same width from bust to hip, which is a new adjustment I hadn’t had to do for many moons since I used to sew for people – I’ve been making things skinny for so long for glitter glue princess, I think I’ve forgotten how to do it…  If anyone has any tips, send them in the comments section.

I have to find a way to make this look great so my little neighbor feels good about herself in my outfit – girls at this age need to feel great about themselves, and I’d hate for a 10 year old to feel constrained by sizing.




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