Summer Reading, Watching, Listening, Sewing

21 06 2007

What the Glitter Glue Princess is reading: Mary Poppins

What she’s been watching (when she’s not glued to old Jetsons cartoons on Boomerang): Magic School Bus

What I’ve been listening to in the car: Step on a Crack

What I’ve been sewing: I’ve given up on the cabo halter – the top was given a full thumbs down by the Princess for me to be seen in public wearing it – she still thinks it is too immodest for her mother to wear. I’m moving on…

I’m going to make a gored skirt from a Jalie Pattern next… Have a lovely piece of heavy burgundy knit that might fit the bill.

Also ordered me some new shirt patterns from Jalie as well –

Perhaps these will look alright finished and not put my personally sewn garments in the hoocheemama category anymore and the glitter glue princess will stop giving me the once-over on the sewing table!



One response

23 06 2007

awwww….i miss watching magic school bus. that was one of my favorite shows! years later, my boys will be studying something in science and say, “remember that episode of magic school bus when ms frizzle did…..” that show launched many family discussions about science. C’s 6th grade science teacher will use episodes of MythBusters to teach certain concepts. so we are now regular MythBusters viewers. 🙂


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