Rippin’ and Rantin’

18 06 2007

So, I finally got the chance to make the Cabo Halter for myself.  I selected a lovely Michael Miller Paisley for it.

I’m happily chugging along, draping the pieces across me as I sew darts and the kid is sitting 15 feet away laughing her brains off – I ask what was wrong, and she inquires if the bits I’m laying across my shoulders are all that the top is made of.  Ummmm…..Noooooo…  I get it – she doesn’t want her mama going in public in a bra.  O.k.  Hahaha.

 I’m still chugging on this thing after a couple more of my early morning sessions and I get to the invisible zipper.  No problem, except *this* zipper decided to commit suicide as I was trying the top on the first time by splitting open – it wasn’t tight enough to split from force, so I still don’t know why it did that.  O.k.  I’ll rip it out.

The second zipper decided to stay alive this time.  But….  The upper bodice is not good – it gaps in the sides by the arms and *much* too low cut.  The kid’s solution for the low cut issue – tie it up soooo high that I look like a hunch back.  Um… No.  I’ve currently got the center front ripped open and trying to rotate the gaps from the side front by bringing down the overlapping part in the front.  There MAY be a chance I can save it yet and still be modest enough that the kid doesn’t attack me to tie my shirt up again!

I’m not thrilled, and had read about how some people had loved this top.  Who am I fooling? This top won’t work on me…   I can always tell when there is no hope – my brain automatically starts planning the next project as soon as issues like this come up.

I think I need a new skirt next.




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