The Great Dyed….Couch?

14 06 2007

Well, it is *actually* a couch cover, but it still took a mountain of dye. This little gem was brought back by S from one of his Pink Floydian Road Trips. His host and hostess, R & M, requested that I dye their couch cover. It was a sickly shade of baby aspirin before I started. Knowing full well that they are into the psychedelic thing, and after inventorying my dyes to see what I had enough of to do this number, I opted for secondary colors – orange, emerald green, and grape. It took 6 liters of prepared dyes, and the biggest tub I’ve ever dyed in to do this. When I first started the rinse, it had much more of a tinge of camouflage to it than it does after finally being washed, which concerned me, as R & M do not remind of dull subtle people who would want a camo couch… Now it is *much* brighter and more to my liking.


See for yourself – many thanks to R & M for sharing the action shots of the couch with me!

I think this just proves that I will try dying anything at least once – what will be next? Bring it on!



One response

2 12 2007

Very pretty couch cover! I’ve recently done a couple too, and I had so much fun I’ll probably be doing more! Check out my pictures at — Thanks, Sara

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