Trash your Dress – a way to waste chiffon…

10 06 2007

I’m torn on this NY Times article about trashing your wedding dress after the big day… I see the artistic value of the pictures and the dichotomy of beauty against nature, but being one of the people who put their heart and soul into someone else’s dress and then seeing the pictures disturbed me slightly (follow the links through – there is a youtube video).

I think the difference for me is I am seeing the hours of effort put into each dress. Seeing the dresses in water didn’t bug me – heck, water damage is something that can be handled – but the one on fire in the youtube video did.

I assume that none of these gowns are custom made anymore, and that they just fit the ones in the store. I haven’t made a wedding gown FOREVER, and probably won’t make another till it’s time for my daughter to get married.

But, the very thought that my work wouldn’t be appreciated to the point where it was something that needed to be revolted against, to demonstrate the angst against the whole wedding process… *Sigh* I just can’t get into it, and most likely wouldn’t make a gown for someone who planned this…  Why can’t they just go trash a cake instead? I guess the photographic value wouldn’t be there for some…




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