It’s a tie dye kinda weekend, part 3

5 06 2007

And after two posts on regular Tie Dye, we are moving to the LWI (Low Water Immersion) dye.

This is one of the best references for doing this kind of dye if anyone wants to give it a try… It is great on plain fabric for making something special to add to a quilt (hint, hint).  All the items are made with only two colors.  We tend to do similar folding to that of tie dye, then cram it into a pail rather than tying it.  This explains why you might see similar patterns as those on the earlier pages.

These first few are by the Glitter Glue Princess:

(We didn’t put enough dye on it and got the gradations by putting more water into the container to soak before the set – Princess doesn’t like it, but I think it is cool!  Used Hot Pink and Ultraviolet)

Used seafoam and jade green.

Used lemon yellow and red wine.

She also had a little pair of underbritches, but she’d murder me if I posted them here. (So, here is a link to them – hehehe.)

On to my LWI shirts…. I’m adding a day due to the high content of photos.




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