The Thinker and The Falls

28 05 2007

This past Thursday was a members only night at Meijer Gardens. S had to work, so Glitter Glue Princess and I went on our own. They were opening the Amazing Chocolate Tree exhibit, which was nice, and put some realism to how chocolate is made. Unfortunately for the Glitter Glue Princess, she has a food geek for a Mom, and we’d discussed the chocolate making process a few times, so it was a bit of a downer. They have added some nice touches, like using ground cocoa nibs for the ground cover around the trees in the conservatory so everything smells chocolatey, and changing the senses garden to be more food oriented.

They had earlier installed the borrowed installation of Rodin’s Thinker, and we were blessed with the opportunity to see it without major crowds about, which gave more time for reflection, and for GGP to really get to look at it.
I really like our permanent Rodin sculpture of Eve, so I enjoyed this too. It didn’t hurt that it was across from our favorite place in the garden – the Waterfall. Here are some really poignant pics of the kiddo…

Hope everyone has a peaceful and poignant memorial day! We are off to the parade…




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