The Magic Spritz Bottle…

25 05 2007

So…. The Glitter Glue Princess came in from playing, complaining of being too hot. She was a big cranky show, just for me…
I suggested a bath – NO!
Okay, I said, I’ll fix it. She says, with the sinister tone of doubt in her voice – “what are you going to do to me”. I finally convinced her, but she was still sooooo dubious.

I grabbed the hair spritz bottle and sprayed her all over, all the while she was screaming her brains out and running away and howling about how cold it was.

After I had finished, she informed me that she wanted her OWN bottle. She went downstairs and got one out of the tiedye stuff and filled it up with water and bits of ice from the icecube tray, as if it weren’t cold enough to start.

She then proceeded to spray her body – over and over and over, using about a fourth of the bottle in one sitting. She then farted and proceeded to spray her bottom, claiming it would mask the odor.

Immediately before bed, she requested another full body spritz to cool down before I could put the sheet over her.

Long live the magic spritz bottle.




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