Hooray for my new embroidery software, and a bit of an Ebay rant…

22 05 2007

My software arrived on Monday – yay!  The interface will be easy for me to quickly pick up and digitize, after tinkering with it for a bit yesterday.  So all is good there.

So, I won the software on Saturday the 12th, I paid at the same time.  The seller emailed me on Monday stating he wouldn’t ship till Wednesday (I really couldn’t complain about it – shipping was free).  I emailed him on Sunday, asking for a tracking number.  Got it AFTER the software arrived – he blamed the change in postal rates for the confusion (?!?! – I thought that was earlier in the week – how could that have anything to do with shipping out the software?)  As it turned out, he used the US postal service GROUND to ship it.  Granted, he put insurance on it, but you’d think he’d use something a bit more efficient for tracking given the cost of the thing!?!  My experience of using the postal service to get money back with insurance hasn’t been the most positive experience in my life.

Sooooo, I go to ebay and consider what kind of feedback to give the guy, and he hasn’t even done the feedback for me yet?!?!  He was paid well over a week ago, and still hasn’t given me feedback.  I kind of feel like he should be giving feedback first since he got paid quickly.  I get the feeling he is waiting for me to say something so the feedback could be retaliatory.   I’ve noticed that this seems to be standard practice by sellers too.  Well, I can wait forever for the feedback, which is what I plan to do before I put his down first.  I think he needs my feedback worse than I need his.




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