Girls on the Run…

22 05 2007

Glitter Glue Princess did a 5K this weekend, along with 680 other 3rd to 5th Grade girls in our county. Girls on the Run program had their celebration run for all the participants in our county this weekend. The announcer kept reminding us that we needed to cheer every girl through and please keep the applause the same for the first girl to the last girl. Only 500 more girls to go, only 300 more girls to go, only 100 more girls to go. It was all very nice, though the majority of the running for the girls was on a trail so we only saw them start and finish. Here is a pic of her at the finish line:

Look at how proud she is. We are proud of her too.

You can’t see it, but she is wearing the red pants again. Those have become her favorite ones for running since they were made. Yay for mama made!

Every girl got a flower and a certificate of completion at the finish line. I’m trying to find the pictures online, but haven’t yet. Still searching.




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