Finally Broke Down and Bought It.

18 05 2007

Well, I knew it was inevitable. After being disappointed with all the “mainstream” software out there to make embroidery designs, I’m going back to what I know… P E Design.

I found someone on Ebay who had it for 40% less than the local fella. Every time I spoke to the local guy, the song changed – first it was “Oh, you have to buy 5 then upgrade to 7” (total cost = $1200). Then it was “Oh, you can buy 7 without having to buy the others, but you need to get a CD drive to attach to your machine” (total cost $1200, but he’d “let me” have it for $1050).

Quite frankly, I love how he services the machines, but I *think* the sales portion of his business is something I’ll stay away from. I do wish that there was a way to tell Brother just how bad it can be on this end – there is a “rule” (local fella told me this, so I don’t know if it is true) that buyers are not to buy out of their home states. Then… If this is the case, you HAVE to buy from the greasy guys who shouldn’t be selling used cars, but are now going after us women who merely want to enjoy our sewing.

The ebay seller was supposed to ship yesterday. I’m hoping that since I was experienced with 3 that 7 will be a breeze for digitizing – the kid already has grandiose plans and I’m two steps behind.




2 responses

18 05 2007

i heard that same “gotta by local” song and dance from the brother dealer in my area. sorry, any company that tries to tell me where i can and can’t shop won’t get my business. what if i am on vacation and get the whim to buy a new machine? they won’t let me because i am from out of town? i really don’t like all this “cloak and dagger” stuff with the sewing machine industry. what happen to fair competition and the free market?

sorry…i’m all done ranting…for now…

good luck learning the new software. 🙂

18 05 2007

that sounds rather fishy. Just by saying that I wouldn’t want to buy from him, but with changing his story all the time… nope.

Hope the software arrives soon and you can move on to sewing bliss! 🙂

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