Flying Away…

9 05 2007

S. has left for England.

He is off to do a Pink Floyd type pilgrimage. There is a Syd Barrett tribute concert and Roger Waters concerts to attend. I’m sure he will have a blast. The kiddo and I have such exciting things planned in his absence! (Not really – just a trip to Ikea in Detroit, but hey, it is still fun! She was asking about a new dresser since hers seems shoddily built and is getting run down after 8 years of active little kid use.)

Not much sewing has occurred for a bit. We backed a disney fairy wall panel for the Glitter Glue Princess’ room (we took down the baby quilt finally). I purchased it when Hancock’s still had inventory in their going out of business sale. We used the new innovis, and the kiddo did half of the sewing. Taught her how to slip stitch and turn something after “bagging” it. I really like the ability to turn down the speed on this machine – it would be great for kids if it weren’t such a pricey machine- keeps the kid from jackrabbiting like she does with her sewing machine. It is almost like sewing training wheels for her!

I’m still trying to figure out the whole embroidery software bit. I’m on the verge of just going out and buying brother PE design 7 and be done with it. I’m not keen on a new learning curve. It’s just that I’ve got people wanting me to make things custom for them, and I’m too impatient to learn a new setup.




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