I have hardware, now I need software…

29 04 2007

I’ve embroidered a couple of shirts now for the glitter glue princess – so far she’s gotten a vintage minnie/mickey and an alice – now I want to get to work on some that she’s been asking for…

Here’s the dilemma.  I still have PE Design 3 – Brother has since upgraded enough that they are at PE Design 7.  My software won’t utilize the entire embroidery area of the machine.  For me to upgrade that way, I need to buy a card box, which for me seems like a totally redundant act.  Why would I then bother with the USB hub then?  Also, the local dealer wants around $1200 for the package – I would have to buy PED5 and then the upgrade to PED7 (does anyone else think this is insane?).  Apparently somewhere between versions 4 and 5, they changed something on how the box talks to the software, so I can’t even utilize my existing box with new software.  *Sigh*

Long story short, I’m looking at other digitizing options.  I’ve downloaded the newest Embird 30 day trial.  I’m looking around, and it looks to be the most popular option out there.  My worry right now is the learning curve – I was pretty good at PED3, but it appears I have a lot of catching up to do… At least the price is better – about half – but I’m not knowledgeable yet enough to know if the cost reflects capability.

If anyone truly loves (or hates) any digitizing software that might be compatible with my new machine, I’d love to hear your opinion.




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