It’s here! It’s here!…. My Innovis 4000D is here!

23 04 2007


It isn’t exactly what was listed in the ebay posting… You see, I was expecting something a bit different in color….

You see, it was white in the listing…. I don’t know if I’m complaining, but this thing looks a bit, um, “pimped out” with all the gold trim. The guy had obviously not taken it out of the box to look at it…

I got it set up and it does sew out nicely, but runs TOTALLY different than my old machine (this thing will thread your needle if you ask it nicely) .

Here is it’s very first stitchout

(The bubbling is from the fact I didn’t put stabilizer under the design!)

The auction was supposed to include a big case of thread, which hasn’t arrived, so I’m not going to approve the item through escrow yet. Just sent an email to the guy, commenting on the color – we shall see what he says about that!




2 responses

23 04 2007

i like the black…something different. i wish my machines were something other than white and beige. red would be nifty.

24 04 2007

The black machine is cool. . . . .

Hope it works well for you. . .

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