Running girl, running pants

17 04 2007

Well, it looks like the cabo halter is not meant to be. Late Sunday night, Glitter Glue Princess says she needs more running pants for Girls on the Run (self esteem program where 3rd to 5th grade girls run a 5K). I say o.k., like every sewing mama would and whip up some.

Made her a pair of KS3498 , with the v-waist in a lovely red cotton lycra from Sewzannes. It had just the right amount of body for these. So….. I did my standard waist adjustments to a bigger size, assuming the length would be fine…. I was….soooo wrong. When she tried them on before hemming, they were JUST the right length – absolutely no allowance to hem. I kept suggesting we make them cropped, but NO that would not do. I laid them on a chair intending to sew the hem tonight with a bit of stabilized ruffle.

When I went to pick her up after practice, she was wearing them! I was a bit gobsmacked – I said “but those are not hemmed!”, Princess says “Yeah, I just trimmed the threads and they are fine!”. She was so proud to have fixed them up, but…. It is so against my policy in sewing to leave them undone. I think my sewing ethics are being challenged, but then again, I’m happy that she loves them. I’m torn as to whether or not they should be hemmed now. I realize that unfinished hems are fashionable now, but…. either you will understand this internal debate or you won’t.

Here are action shots – she is in perpetual motion now that the snow is gone, note the perfect length of the hem…




One response

18 04 2007

i know it’s hard, but if she is happy, i would let it go. she will outgrow them next week anyway. šŸ™‚ i agree with you on that unhemmed “style.” ugh.

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