Playing and planning

11 04 2007

I am so sick of snow, it is terrible – I actually had to snow blow today! I think all the counties are out of money here to plow the roads, based on how the roads were on my drive home. It is not right to be sliding on the road in April…

What I am playing with right now. Reminds me of warmth, and green, not sludge and gray.

What I just finished listening to in the car today, borrowed from the library.

Been pondering tie dye, which will not be happening till it is warm enough to work in the front yard. I want to dye a few baby outfits for some folks at work that I’ve been holding on to. I also think I need some funky, funky shirts for work, since they do not seem to mind my LWI fire and fog shirts I enjoy making. I’m inspired by these – any thoughts anyone? Here are a few of my oldies that make me smile…

On the sewing front, I’ve stalled a bit. I’m pondering a cabo halter to brighten my desire for summer out of this fabric… I just worry about lining up those dots to all the wrong places….. On second thought, maybe this should be a skirt instead… Along the lines of sewing, I’m watching a top of the line embroidery machine on Ebay that I’m secretly desiring to win – new and 60% off – even got the seller to agree to escrow before I bid. *sigh* Now I just have to wait…




2 responses

11 04 2007

pretty tie dye!! good luck on getting the emb machine.

12 04 2007

beautiful shirt, although I am partial to purple! 🙂

Good luck on the embroidery machine!!

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