Disney Days 5 and 6

9 04 2007

One small addition to Day 4 – Glitter Glue Princess went on the Barnstormer roller coaster with me and proclaimed that all roller coasters are evil. Note to self – Do NOT attempt to take this kid on roller coasters… Ever! Guess I’ll have to hit them by myself *sniff*.

Day 5 – we slept in since everyone was tuckered out and the sleep deficit had been building and building. We went to animal kingdom first. Tried to go to the new Nemo show, but the line was long at 45 minutes before the show, so we said “Nah!” Wandered around a bit, looked at the animals, went to the boneyard, GGP refused to go on Dinosaur (too scary!!!), but let us go to “It’s tough to be a bug”. Back to the hotel.

Posing with Meeko:

Playing in the Boneyard:

Went to ’50’s Prime Time Restaurant based on S’s love of their pot roast. I had the same this time.

S wanted this pic for use in his DVD making – don’t ask me why I photographed a TV, I have no real answer…

After dinner and another run through Muppets 3-D, we decided to go see the fireworks at Epcot. Found that we could take a boat from MGM to Epcot. Unfortunately it began to rain as we got there, and being wet is not so much fun. We watched the band “the British Invasion”, considered going over to see Paul Revere and the Raiders, who were the concert for the evening at the flower festival, but we petered out before then and headed back to the Lodge… Missed the fireworks since we didn’t want to sit in the rain.

Day 6 – we had to be on the bus at 11:30 for the airport. We ate breakfast in bed, S and Glitter Glue Princess spent the morning in the pool, got to watch this little boy be crowned the grand slipper slide opener, which she thought was really cool. We packed and hauled our luggage to the magical express (love, love, love this service!). While we were waiting at the airport, we found this little girl and her mom who were on the same plane coming down – the mom sat next to S on the way there. The little girl showed us a photo of her sitting on a gator holding it’s jaws closed with a HUGE smile on her face – unbelievable! We swapped stories, and had a good time waiting.

Considerations: Next time we do this type of trip, it will NOT be on spring break, ever again – two hour waits for rides is insane, and the strollers were impossible to maneuver around. Can anyone recommend a time that they think is the best to go? I’d love to hear other people’s thoughts.

I cannot stress how nice it is to stay on disney property, but it has it’s downsides too – for one, you are a captive audience, and it is hard to get off site to do anything else. It would have been nice to go to the Seuss thing at Universal and Sea World, but that will have to be for another trip. We’d definitely consider the Wilderness Lodge again over the Animal Kingdom Lodge, mainly because of the boat ride. Loved that. It has been *suggested* that it would be very nice to stay on the monorail, so I will consider that if we go on an off season…

I love the dining plan – it was wayyyy too much food. But, the majority of the kids meal choices really, really stink – I’d share my meal with the Princess simply because she was stuck eating alot of peanut butter and jelly/hotdogs/grilled chicken. I think Disney needs to really rethink how they serve kids – my daughter got all hauty about the appetizer choices on more than one occasion (Note to disney – my kid doesn’t consider chicken noodle soup or lettuce an appetizer, especially when I have bruschetta).

Oh well, back to real world…

Yeah, this pic is from last november, but displays our collective mood about coming back. At least S hasn’t denied the fact we are back in Michigan like he did last year…. This year, we came home to snow and bitter cold – yay!




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