Disney Day 4 – or my life with Minnie Mouse…

9 04 2007

Day 4 – well, she wasn’t Minnie the WHOLE day, but got called it an awful lot. Even got a security citation for impersonating a character by a security guard! We started out going to Epcot to get fastpasses for soarin’ – the line was already 2 hours long at that point. Ours were for 3 to 4 pm – fine, that fits around dinner at 5. We got in line for the Nemo ride at the Seas and it was proclaimed a bit too babyish per the glitter glue princess – she was not altogether impressed… Ate at Sunshine Seasons Restaurant and watched the masses. Went back to Club Cool again and got loaded up on soda again…

The pirate ship topiary was up for the flower festival, so we decided to take a batch of photos of it…

We didn’t wait around to see what the skywriting was about – all we know is that it was “Jesus 4” something… Back to the Wilderness Lodge for some rest and swimming (pick up on the fact we did this nearly every day?).

For our return, the glitter glue princess donned her Minnie Redondo Skirt, Ears, Minnie Socks, Minnie Shirt. Looked like a total Minnie Wannabee. This was when she got the securit citation…

Rode Soarin’, then rode the monorail. Got to ride in the front on the way to Chef Mickeys!

Minnie absolutely adored her outfit, and was the first character she met that evening…

We didn’t wait around for Goofy. The place was packed and loud, but here is a family pic they took and I scanned…

Off to Magic Kingdom after that, watched the parade and fizzled out by then…

Day 5 – three parks in one day!



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