Photos? Yes, I’m forcing you to look. Disney – Days 1 and 2.

7 04 2007

Well, you all lucked out – day one at MGM for Fantasmic – I forgot my camera. But that’s o.k. I make up for it with many, many more photos on the rest of the days! We ate at Mama Melrose, and gorged ourselves. With the Fantasmic package, we got there early enough that we had front row seats. People kept saying we would get wet – BAH! It was mostly just a mist, but the fire on the water was hot enough to be uncomfortable.

Day 2, roaming around Epcot. The Flower and Garden show was starting later in the week and all the topiaries were being installed. Such fun!

This was waiting for the bus at Wilderness Lodge – we discovered early on that the buses to the lodge usually went to the campground too, so it took longer than anticipated to get to the parks that way – we more often than not took a boat if offered the option, but then it usually also went to the campground – really odd…

waiting for bus

A number of topiaries with requisite kid poses:princess and minnie

beauty, beauty and beast

princess and goofy

tigger and ggp

ggp and dwarves O.k. Enough topiaries for now…. The soarin tickets were too far out – like for after 8, and it was only like 10:30!, so we explored other things instead. The kiddo really liked club cool, and found a booth out in the world area to buy new jibbits for her crocs.

That night we ate at Liberty Tree Tavern:

The highlight of the day – meeting Minnie…. The food was good, and I refrained from photographing food for the entire trip…

minnie and GGP



pluto and GGP

Goofy & GGP

Next excerpt – Day 3 and the making of a princess….



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