Looking for advice on making a slip…

28 03 2007

I’m making a cotton slip for Glitter Glue Princess and want it to be full at the bottom. She needs it for her dress to wear to the daddy daughter dance next month, and if I get it done in time, for Disney as well… Here is her dress – I just love this style on her, and I have to push what I like because I know very soon I won’t have ANY influence.

Is it better to add tulle or to put horsehair braid on the slip? Anyone have any advice?

I’m going to make it tiered – after the disney sewing, I’m obviously an expert at that. But… I want it to fit for awhile, so I’m going to play with buttonhole elastic at the top – a new thing for me. The only dilemma I have is how to make it poufy enough – tulle is so dang itchy, which is why I thought of horsehair. Open to suggestions here….




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