They finally realized why I’ve been so happy…

27 03 2007

I’ve been an unusually good mood at work lately – no wonder – I’ll be out from the 1st to the 9th. Duh. I won’t be picking up calls either. They just noticed that I’ve been much happier than usual.

Is it – 1-because I now have the help I need to lead productive days where I can multitask appropriately and still get lab samples done? or is it – 2-because after Friday, I won’t have to be there till the 10th? A little of both I think… If there were only a way to clone myself and get the sewing done too.

Started working on finding a decent hotel for the princess and S’s trip to DC for this summer. I’ve been trying to find an alternate to blowing all of my holiday inn points, but you know, hotels are just soooo expensive in DC if you want to be downtown and near a metro stop. I may just have to blow all my points on them for this trip, though I’d be terribly jealous, especially since I can’t go. I just wonder if the hotels are going to have any better deals for the end of june/july, since there won’t be any congress. Anyone know? Right now the dates are leaving around June 28 or 29, returning July 3-ish…



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