Hehehe (massaging the box with a devious tone) – a good mail day…

26 03 2007

I got a cd in the mail today.. From Marcy Tilton.. On how to make t-shirts… Now if I only had time before the trip to make one *sigh*. Haven’t had time to fully check it out, as the GGP has been DYING to play the Game of Life ever since I got home. I’m a sucker for all things t-shirt (took the class at pattern review….. twice), and all the David Page Coffin (have his pants video too).

This will take some time for indulgence – bought it after S said he HAD to go to England for something Pink Floyd/Syd Barrett/Roger Waters related – I so deserved a gift for that whole thing – trolling through all the travel sites for three hours and talking him down from the $5700 ticket for one night to a saturday night stay with a $600 ticket. Yeah, and he still owes me a new embroidery machine for that – this or this – whichever comes up on ebay from someone who might be trustworthy to sell the thing….. Anyone got one they’d like to sell?

Marcy Tilton’s Where Did You Get That T-Shirt?

T-shirt video




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