If everyone else jumped off the cliff….?

25 03 2007

I see so many of my friends showing their work on a blog roll, so I thought “I guess it is time for me to do the same…..”

I’ve been sewing up a storm of princess gear for our pending trip to visit the Mouse. Glitter Glue Princess requested outfits for all of the character dinners we plan to attend, and the sum of them has occupied my spare time this month.

So here goes:

Outfit 1 – for one of our dinners with Minnie Mouse. It is a redondo swirl skirt out of Minnie Mouse dot with black cotton swirl.

I learned a bit with this one – with the redondo skirt, you should add length at the top of the swirl piece, not the bottom. Also, I learned that I stink at applique, so I went to ebay and purchased the design for the embroidery machine.

Disney Sewing Minnie Mouse Set 1seated photo minnie set 1

Outfit 2 – a princess ensemble, entirely spec’d by the glitter glue princess, for having our hair done at the Bibbity Bobbity Boutique and for dinner at 1800 Park Faire with Cinderella. This outfit was from Ottobre Design, issue 2/2004, #’s 22 & 25. The entire thing is made of cotton from Equilter.

disney sewing princess outfit

Outfit #3 – another Minnie Mouse ensemble, using the Sasha Wave skirt pattern and same fabrics as before.

Disney Sewing Minnie Mouse Set 2

You can see the top wave better in this photo:

Disney Sewing Minnie Mouse Set 2=smile

Outfit #4 (this one has no particular event for wear, just for fun) – A tiered skirt from Disney fairy cotton, and a tee from Ottobre 1/2007 that I embroidered. I put an edge on the skirt of the knit from the shirt.

Learned a few things here too – when trimming a woven with a knit, add a bit of ease to the top of the knit, else it will pucker when pressed. Also, when gathering with elastic in your bobbin, make sure it fits your kid’s arm BEFORE you sew it down.

Disney Sewing fairy set
Disney Sewing fairy set2

Here is a bit of the skirt fabric, since it is not readily viewable from her stance:

Disney Sewing fairy set3

The last few things need to get done – I’m going to make her a normal slip without tulle, because I’m betting that she will HATE that on her legs.  Also, I want to make a few skirts for me as well…




One response

25 03 2007

everything looks great. i bet dd is quite pleased with her disney themed wardrobe.

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