Great – another good store driven out of business…

25 03 2007

I went to Hancocks yesterday to pick up some more fairy fabric with the intention of making some pajama pants for Glitter Glue Princess, only to see the place lacquered with “going out of business” signs! Wha?!?! Those weren’t there 3 saturdays ago!?!?! I couldn’t believe it. The place was packed. Women were fighting over rotary cutters on one wall. People were buying things up like mad.

My favorite “little old lady” at the cutting counter told me they sprang it on them a couple of fridays before and the liquidator signs were up the next day. All Michigan stores are going out of business. Poor gal can’t keep up with the pace of this sale. She was sweet and let me have only one panel when she was supposed to sell a minimum of 2 on everything. I think she has cut my fabric every time I’ve ever been in there.

I have to confess – I bought organic cotton lycra in black and white (they are basics and will be needed somewhere – right?), as well as three different pieces of Disney fairy fabric. One of them is a wallhanging. The moment she saw it, she clutched it and insisted that we make it to hang in her room. Got around the fighting ladies to buy the last pack of small rotary cutter blades – the regular size ones were already sold out.

I knew all of this stuff would be gone the next time I went, especially the disney stuff. Geez folks, it’s only 20% off now. The bargains are still better down the road at Field’s.




One response

25 03 2007

on one of my sewing lists, someone circulated a list of Hancock’s that are closing. one in my area is closing, one is not. the one closing is rather far from me, but might be worth a trip for some good deals. the one that is not closing is in a questionable neighborhood and still not all that close to me so i never shop there. either way….hate to hear of fabric stores closing. thank goodness for internet shopping!

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